Motto – Partnering with One, for the Benefit of All 

All4One is a prevention program designed to help with upkeep of everyday home maintenance efforts.

These projects are done in a day and range from a backyard fence or landscape project to a painting face lift.

Resources Needed:

Volunteers: 0-10

Funding: $2,500-$10,000


Restoration Plus

Motto: Transforming Houses into Homes

 Restoration Plus is an intervention program designed to assist families living in run down, unsafe, unhealthy environments. Projects at this level help to prevent homelessness and illness to families due to the severe neglect over time.

These projects consist of a moderate to extreme makeover restoration in 4-6 months time.

Resources Needed:

Volunteers: 10-30

Funding: $10,000-$30,000



Motto: Built 4U on a firm foundation BY neighbors, FOR neighbors

 A “fresh start” program designed to replace severely dilapidated or deteriorated structures or a vacant lot with a new home anchored in the rich soil of a caring community.

 Project completion is about 6-9 months

Resources Needed:

Volunteers: 10-40

Cash Gifts/Sponsorships: $30,000-$100,000


Contact us for more information on sponsoring a project.