Our Staff and Board Members


Executive Director, Bob Dittmar

Being raised in the small farming community of Milledgeville, Illinois, taught me early in life what being a part of caring community was all about. When a neighbor was in need, folks from miles around responded. It was sometimes as simple as youngsters raking leaves for the elderly couple who lived next door. Other times were as major as numerous tractors covering the fields of a farmer experiencing health problems right in the middle of fall harvest. In either case, everyday people became close friends through these shared experiences.

After spending 10 years as a contractor in Illinois, my family and I set out on adventure that only God himself knew what was in store. Over the next 10 years as a commercial airline pilot we moved several times. Yet no matter where we landed (no pun intended!) the same basic principle applied – Great communities are those whose citizenry embrace a “good neighbor way of life”.

After several more changes, my wife Jodie and I, three sons, three daughters and two dogs, planted ourselves in the rich soil of the San Joaquin Valley. In many respects, Fresno is very different than that town of 1,100 people where I grew up. In others, however, it is exactly the same. Our city is full of wonderful people, some of whom have either forgotten or may have never experienced the joy that a “good neighbor way of life” can bring.

The programs developed here at FUND Inc. are designed to remind us of that way of life, and then to provide opportunities for everyone to practice those neighborly principles, individually as well as collectively.

The before and after pictures you can view on this site are very impressive (if I do say so myself). My hope is that you will discover, as many have, that it isn’t as much about what we do, but rather how we do it that makes a difference.   Thanks for visiting!!!! ————– Better yet, stick around!!

Deputy Director, Tonya Nichols

I grew up in Fresno and met my husband while cruising Blackstone during my senior year of high school. We’ve been together ever since. We have two teenage sons and are being challenged like we never thought possible but enjoying these years.

My background is as diverse as they come; from shining shoes during college, to Olan Mills telemarketing, secretary for the Fresno Fire Department, and Tupperware lady. When my kids started school, I was blessed to be able to stay home and raise them for a little over 10 years. During that time, a whole new world opened up. I could do what I loved. Teaching fire safety to elementary school students, Vacation Bible School worship leader, 21-team soccer coordinator, PTA overhaul, carnival coordinator tripling the previous years’ income! One event after another and I was hooked.

In 2008, the economy sent me back to full-time work. I joined Automated Office Systems as the “new business account manager” and was doing really well. But something was missing. I missed working with kids, planning events, and serving. I needed to do something more but I didn’t know what that was. I prayed about it…a lot.

Prayer led me to lunch with Bob Dittmar. We’d known each other as parents of kids at the same school and fellow NorthPointer’s. He introduced me to FUND, Inc. and for the next few weeks God placed everything in front of me that answered my prayers.

Meeting the families that we help has changed me. I’m learning to listen. I have no fears. Salt of the earth – that’s what I love. I see miracles every day when we are in the middle of projects; transformations of not just the house and curb appeal, but of the lives of the characters we meet.

I hope my passion rubs off on my family and my friends. I don’t want them to miss this!



Susan Stumpf                          President

Interior Design

Marty Martin                            Secretary

Peachwood Medical – Pediatrician

Brad Majors                             Treasurer

Central Valley Community Bank

Lisa Rodgers                           Member

Organization Specialist

Russell Ragsdale                     Member

Wells Fargo Bank



Ross and Clara Smith – Southwest Fresno

Cecilia Vega – Lowell



Advisory Builders (Banking, Real Estate, Legal, Accounting, Finance)

Faith Builders (Prayer Chain)

General Builders (Contractor, Construction)

Relationship Builders (Public Relations, Marketing, Board Development)

Neighborhood Builders (Fresno West, Lowell, Jefferson, Northpointe)

Co-Op Builders (Community Partners)

Finance Builders (Campaign Giving, Estate Planning, Grants, Earned Income, Special Events)