About Us

Fresno Urban Neighborhood Development (FUND, Inc.) was originally established as a grassroots, Community Development Corporation in 1995 designed to help the residents in impoverished areas of Fresno County to improve their quality of life with an emphasis on housing. The first homes built by FUND, Inc. in the Lowell neighborhood were actually the first building permits pulled in over 40 years in the area. After completing these homes, FUND, Inc. recognized the need to assist existing homeowners in the area with much needed home repairs. With a vision to just be a good neighbor, Executive Director Robert Dittmar, led the organization by designing the programs now known as “ALL4ONE”, “Restoration Plus”, and “HOMES4U”. These programs provide the foundation of FUND, Inc. and are designed to fit the individual level of need.

Leading with a strong focus on housing and homelessness issues, FUND, Inc. partners with low to moderate income homeowners, volunteers, community service groups, and the local faith-based and business communities to beautify urban neighborhoods, upgrade sub-standard living conditions, and foster cooperative neighborhood efforts.

Our unique “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” methodology embraces the thought that community is best built by individuals coming together with a common interest. Since 1995, over 200 restoration projects in various inner-city neighborhoods have been completed ranging from a backyard fence to a full extreme makeover – FUND Edition.

With a long-standing reputation built on trust in the community FUND, Inc. has been recognized as a cultural broker bridging social gaps and encouraging social cohesion among residents.  The construction process of projects aligns with the historical preservation efforts and maintains the time-honored charm of the target neighborhoods.  The community as a whole benefits from the efforts of FUND, Inc. building interdependency, eliminating health and safety concerns, and upgrading curb appeal attracting outside investors and developers.